Thursday, May 21, 2009

Funny Quotables

Dear Daniel,

Mommy is going to try harder to record all the cute things her precious kiddos say.

Tonight we were taking a family walk. You and Timothy were riding your bikes along side us. You fell in the street and I winced and rushed toward you, wondering how bad the street abrasion was. I guess you saw fear in my eyes, or grave concern, because you blurted out, in all seriousness: "Call 911!"

After we arrived home we had the brownies Daddy and Timothy made. You wanted seconds, and since you had eaten a good dinner, I said you could have another small piece. Instead of cutting yourself a small piece, you cut a large square while I was hanging things from the dryer. You sat down near me and said, "I guess I'd better share this. It is a pretty big piece." I looked over at it and said, (laughing) "Daniel! You'd better believe we're sharing it. That's huge!" Then I got a spoon and ate two bites of it. While you waited, you turned to look over your shoulder and said (to your imaginary friend, whom you call Dukey) "Dukey, she hasn't let me have a single bite yet." This made me laugh so hard I could barely keep the brownie in my mouth! You and Timothy do the imaginary friend thing as a joke amongst yourselves. I've never really been a part of it before. Very funny, Daniel!

I love you! Thank you for all the good times! It's a pleasure to be your Momma!

With Much Love,

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Jess said...

rejoicing that daniel makes you laugh (and i have to say i like his sense of humor!).

isn't it funny that our kids look to us to see how truly injured they are sometimes? call 911! love it.

as for an earlier post, sorry i can't seem to catch up and i wasn't sure if you saw comments well after the fact. anyhow you were talking about the different teaching styles you and your beloved have. i have to say...i tend to lean towards your beloveds style. i, myself, love learning, loved school but tend to be too critical. our moms definitely had that trait in common and i'm afraid all to often i let that be something that rubs off on kiersten as well. and it bugs me to no end. my mouth....yeah, need to be praying some james 1 verses for myself to gain some control (or rather let God take back some control). i appreciate your desire to have daniel love learning and allow the rest to come as his love and passion for learning grow. soaking it in....