Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mud Season

This isn't my main post for today, but I just had to run in here and share my thoughts on mud season. If you aren't in a dry, western U.S. climate, you probably know why mud could make up a whole post? Yeah. I'm talking about the load of laundry that accompanies each outdoor play time. Add up the socks, jeans, jackets, (and yes, even underwear) that manage to get either entirely caked with the stuff, or at the very least, wet, then it absolutely equals a whole load. And what to do with the mud-caked boots, when one doesn't have a mudroom? How could anyone build a house in Ohio without a mudroom? The first extra load of cash we get, I'll be campaigning hard for one. Forget that we don't have a garage or a basement! I just want a mudroom!

Okay - I've gotten it off my chest. I'll go back to my sweeping of both entryways now. Have to get it done before the next onslaught. That Rosey girl LOVES to go outside. She and Daniel will perhaps someday be park rangers? They can't get enough of the outdoors - just like Daddy.


Evenspor said...

Even in dry western climates we get plenty of mud this time of year. :)

Margie said...

We have the same problem. Muddy boots and no mudroom. I have often said the same can you build a house in Wisconsin without a mud room. However, my home was built in 1897 so maybe there was not as much need then. Anyway, I feel your pain and use lots of Spray and Wash.