Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Internet

Anna Grace passed a miserable night, with her very snotty-type cold causing us to have to sleep in a nearly upright position, which made the nursing interesting. Once again, when daylight came through the window, I was so happy! We've had two sun-filled mornings. A real blessing!

The Google tracker reports are really interesting. The Internet is an amazing tool! If you haven't yet, I encourage you to put one on your blog (type google analytics into your browser, and you'll be directed). Arwen over at the Spors in the Desert blog wrote about this neat tool, but only recently was I able to understand how to insert the tracking code into the site html.

My favorite tracker report is the map overlay, showing which parts of the world have hit on the site. These countries have hit on this blog, in the last thirty days: South Africa, Brazil, Romania, Ireland, Chile, Indonesia, Sweden, China, Colombia, Malaysia, UK, Australia, and Canada. Only people from Malaysia and Canada actually read anything, but still, the world traveler in me is thrilled! I so wish someone from another country, who can read or write in English, would leave their own blog address. Reading an overseas blog and learning about the daily life of someone in Malaysia, would be so exciting to me. I wonder if Google translates blog posts into other languages? Anyone know? That would be so awesome.

As a child I traveled, due to my dad and stepdad's military service. I was born in Germany, then moved to Long Island, New York, then England, and then California. After that we lived in Guam and Sicily, both of which I remember.

I long to travel again, perhaps as a missionary. But as I said before, long-term missionary work isn't on my husband's radar, so perhaps we'll only do short-term missions someday.

The other rather neat thing is the keyword report. Last summer I wrote about volcanoes in Ohio, because of a dream Daniel had. That post gets several hits, as does one about funny restaurant stories, in which I linked to Stephanie Gray's (Canada) blog.

Anyhow, although the reports are designed to give you commercial information about your blog - assuming you are trying to make money off your blog - they are very interesting, nevertheless.

One sometimes-negative thing about the report is that you know how many people are reading your rants! I was a little more comfortable ranting when I thought only six people were listening. But, I need to rant, to retain my sanity, so I'll have to keep it up at least a couple times a week. There's no friend down the street here. And my family doesn't share my worldview (spiritually speaking) so they can't provide a listening ear either.

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Steph said...

I posted this comment (below) in response to yours on my blog, but thought I'd post it here, too, in case you missed it over there.

That's so bizarre (about the restaurant hits)! I read your post about this the other day and I think I'd like to add that feature. I've been wanting to thank you for all the mentions!