Sunday, April 12, 2009

Assurance of What We Cannot See

A story from church:

A father went out for the day with his son and his son's friend. They took a boat out to do some fishing and were planning on being gone awhile.

All was well until an unexpected storm suddenly blew in, becoming violent very quickly. They were unable to get the boat back to shore, due to the gusty winds and violent waves.

The boat was too small and couldn't withstand the onslaught. It capsized, sending all three passengers into deep water. The father was the first back to the capsized boat, and as he held on, he looked out and saw the two boys struggling a distance away. He had only one life line. Looking back and forth, from one boy to the other, he contemplated who he should throw it to.

He knew for sure that his son was saved, and if they didn't get out of their predicament, his son would go home to be with Jesus. He shouted out to his son, "Son, I love you!", and threw the line to the other boy.

After helping the boy to the boat, and making sure he was hanging on, the father looked back out to locate his son. The boy was gone. His body was never found.

Many, many years later, the father finds himself telling this story to a congregation, at the request of the Pastor.

Afterwards, some boys came up to him, telling him that they don't usually listen in church, but this story really captured their interest. Then they said, "But you didn't really throw the line to the friend, did you? That part isn't true, right?"

The man said that it was true. And that his son's friend was their Pastor.

Can you imagine being so sure of the hope that is in Jesus, that you would stake your child's life on it?

If you aren't that sure, know that you can be. Jesus is alive! He saves! He fills us with love, hope, joy, and has prepared a place for us in Heaven, so that we can live forever with him.

If you don't think you could make the same decision this father did, for the same reasons, ask God for what that man had. Assurance. Just ask God. The specific words you use don't matter. Just tell him you realize you cannot save yourself; you cannot EVER be good enough, without the cleansing of his blood. Tell him you want to surrender all to him, and that you want to believe.

On Easter we celebrate assurance. The tomb was empty. Jesus lives; death was conquered; eternal life is sure.

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Margie said...

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