Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Unfolding of Something

Anna Grace looks just like me! I see it more and more. I have a too-thin upper lip, to which I apply lip pencil and lipstick. It helps a lot and is often the only makeup I have time to apply. I never go anywhere without it. Can you tell I really don't like my lips? Anna has my same upper lip. It's nice when they inherit the good things, but you feel bad when you see the not-so-great traits coming out in them, whether it be a quick temper, or a unflattering feature. I know the best thing is to never let them hear us talk about the things we don't like about our looks. Presumably then, they won't start looking too critically at their own.

I had acne most of my life; thankfully, it goes away during pregnancy and nursing. Now you know the real reason we had four kids! LOL I'm praying now that my kids won't inherit it. It's an emotionally painful condition for anybody, but especially for girls and women.

Things change so quickly, don't they? God's love and faithfulness are all we can really count on. I say this because we found out today that Don secured a part-time (approx. 35 hours/week) job. It will pay for the house payment, diapers, one utility bill, and thrift-store clothes for the whole family's needs. We're getting there! God has something up his sleeve. The other pieces will come together soon enough, and it will start to make sense. It's certainly stressful when you realize how little control you have, but it's also kind of exciting to watch God work. Or at least I find it so, when I can let go of my stress.

The part-time job is working with/caring for a mentally-challenged adult man (26 yrs. old). His functioning age is about 9 yrs. old. He lives in an apartment with another mentally-challenged individual, who is also assigned a staff member. The hours will be similar to Don's other job, but he will get home around 10 p.m., instead of 11:30 p.m. He can still tag team with me on the homeschooling, which is good. He'll keep looking for work in his off hours.

Please say a quick prayer for the man Don will be working with. He was taken away from his parents by the State a number of years ago. His parents abused him physically and emotionally, and were only interested in his social security check. I imagine, given that tragic past, that it's not easy for him to adjust to new caregivers. My heart goes out to him, and to all the other vulnerable people in his shoes. They are abused at such high rates! To God, they are precious. I know God has plans to touch Don's heart, and possibly this man's heart, through their interaction.

Don can use a quick prayer as well; he didn't want a care-giving position. It's a difficult, low-paying line of work. In the past he worked in institutional settings with unstable, mentally-challenged clients. This situation should be easier (no known instability), but he still isn't enthused. He is grateful for the work, however.

P.S. No one was brave enough to comment on my entreprenuerial idea. Guess it was pretty dorky? I know. Without a counseling credential, it's a long shot.


Jess said...

glad to hear your beloved landed a job! that is wonderful news. it doesn't sound like it take care of all the bills, but it is a start :) rejoicing with you there!

Margie said...

Congratulations on the job! God will provide for all for the remaining bills.

Evenspor said...

I'm glad he found something. I didn't comment on that other post because I don't know much about Bible counseling. The church I belong to does have counseling services, but I think you have to be a member of the church to get a job doing it.

I think it would probably be worth a try.