Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh, My

According to Fox News, 800 people applied for a high school custodial position in a town about 45 minutes away. Most applicants were laid-off workers. One thing is certainly clear; it will take a miracle for us to be able to keep this house and our good credit. Ohio has been in recession far longer than the rest of the country. Perhaps we'll get out of it sooner? Or perhaps we'll have to move away to be able to make a living.

What's every family's worst nightmare? Having to move "back home" with their parents, with kids in tow. My mom and step father live in Salem, Oregon. Hopefully, if it comes down to that, they will take us in. Might very well be twenty-four hour tension though. Could we not go down that route, God? I love my family, but four kids would rattle their nerves beyond belief.

And how long would it take for us to be able to buy another house? I would probably have to teach again for that to happen. And incidentally, there are no teaching jobs even in Portland, unless one teaches high school math or special ed or speech.

Looking for a miracle.


Liz said...

Pam, I have prayed for you today.
Cyber hugs,

Jess said...

praying God provides the miracle you are asking for. you and your family haven't been far from my mind or my prayers. i am also praying rosie keeps that little head of hers stitches free for at least another year! :) i do hope the Lord is giving you joy and laughter in the midst of what is surely a rough time.