Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's Blessings

My mother and stepfather went online to find something to help our colicky baby. Every time my mom called, the baby was crying, or would start crying while we talked. When she heard that I always had the blow dryer handy, she was flabbergasted that a baby would be comforted by such a thing. lol

Yesterday, thanks to their searching, we received a CD in the mail that features 75 minutes of blow-dryer bliss for colicky babies. The man who started this little business is a lot more entrepreneurial than the two of us. We didn't even think to make a CD of our blow dryer, even though we were fearing how high our electric bill might climb!

Anna Grace is improving, now that she is three months old, but she still has her hysterical times. By five months, I expect her to be a happy camper all the time, despite her horribly immature sphincter muscle, which causes her to spit up three to five times after every nursing. My letdown reflex is too forceful in both breasts, and there is usually an oversupply of milk, but only Daniel and Anna spit up like this. I can count on one hand how many times Timothy and Emily Rose spit up their entire first year.

Though high maintenance, Anna Grace is such a blessing! She is becoming more and more flirty, wanting to smile and coo at me in the middle of every nursing, and while I change her diaper. I often think of those who can't have children, and I know how very blessed we are. Few things can be as wonderful as caring for and loving a child. It pains me to know some never have the chance. I'm sure the Lord comforts, but there must still be sorrow; it would be a profoundly difficult testing of faith.

Emily Rose has found her voice! She is adding words by the hour, and delighting all of us. A whole new wonderful world has opened up. I'll have to find Leo the Late Bloomer at the library. I love to reread that in times like this.

Timothy and Emily are so cuddly! Yesterday, they squeezed into the rocker to give and receive cuddles while I was rocking Anna. Daniel, not wanting to be left out, joined us. Don tried to get a picture, but it wouldn't flash. Hate it when that happens. The memory will have to do.

I have more blessings to count this afternoon, but time is scarce.

P.S. Thank you, Terri! I have a white noise machine, but it just isn't loud enough. It's amazing how loud these babies want their white noise! The rest of us can't stand the sound of our vacuum! LOL


Andrew & Terri said...

I was just thinking that I needed to suggest a white noise machine for you guys, and then you posted about the CD. I'm glad you found something to help make things a little more peaceful around your place. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello again. We crank up a staticky radio station REALLY loud, and that helps too. By the way, Levi was awesome on the plane ride out here, all that droning noise knocked him right out even before take off.