Thursday, March 19, 2009

Incoherent Thoughts, and My Chocolate

Hours after writing that last post, I started to question whether my thoughts were coherent. They often aren't, since I'm driven more by emotion than by logic. And, I rarely get enough sleep. I have to go back to my writing frequently, to check for thought coherency. It occurred to me that I'd misunderstood what Sean Hannity was saying. I asked my husband his take on Sean's comments; he asserted that Sean was only saying that anyone can start their own business in America (equal opportunity). Sean wasn't saying that everyone has the same ability to succeed.

What I guess was swirling around in my stunned, exhausted mind, is that the playing field is not level; it isn't supposed to be. God would have changed it to be so himself, if that was his desire. Our country shouldn't break the bank in trying to make the field level, but we should look after orphans and widows and the poor, as the Bible teaches.

God wanted perfection for us, as in the Garden, but the consequence of original sin is that we are broken people. God hasn't fixed us. He won't fix us, until heaven. He allows for different experiences and different kinds of suffering, to further his soul-winning agenda. He intertwines our lives brilliantly, exposing his work in us, bringing glory and honor to himself. That changes hearts, and saves souls.

I'm not even sure if this thought pattern is coherent, so I'll shut up now. And I'll go make some brownies, since we don't have any milk chocolate left. Anyhow, whatever God. I trust you. Do whatever. Allow whatever. Just don't mess with my chocolate. Okay?

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Liz said...

Pam, you crack me up! I know you're super busy, even with your hubby home more right now, but please get some sleep!

Loved the picture and post about your beautiful Anna Grace.


p.s. I've prayed for you today.