Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Anna Grace (1)

Dear Anna Grace,

You are three and a third months old, my lovely Gracie Girl. Yesterday, for the first time, you didn't cry through your floor exercise time! You actually seemed to enjoy yourself. And lo and behold, you rolled over from tummy to back, after working at it with determination for twenty minutes. This is one of the first glimpses I've seen of your personality. You've been colicky and you spit up a lot, but maybe things are beginning to change. We've had to use the blow dryer, set on high, to calm you so that you will fall asleep with us in the rocker. We've felt horrible for you; your first three months have been miserable for you.

I praised you and showered you with kisses after seeing you roll over, and although you smiled, you also looked at me like, "What's gotten into her?". Hee hee. You didn't realize what you had accomplished.

I love you with all my heart, Sweet Love! Holding and kissing you is pure bliss. I love to coo with you, too. Your siblings are still in awe of you, and have displayed no jealousy. They are happy to have you in the family! I tell Emily Rose that you'll be her friend when you get bigger, and that you'll play dolls together. She jumps up and down and says "Yeah!"

With Much Love,


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