Saturday, January 24, 2009


I can't help but draw parallels between the tough love involved in raising good kids, and the tough love necessary for dealing with these CEO's (Merrill Lynch in this case)who spend 1.2 million to redecorate their offices, while collecting bailout money from the taxpayers. And what about Timothy G., the Treasury Secretary-To-Be, who "mistakenly" didn't pay taxes, until he was audited and had to pay for one of the years in question. He only paid the other back taxes because of his Treasury appointment. He then admitted during questioning that he wouldn't have paid them otherwise, because of the statute of limitations being up. What a stand up guy! I sure trust him with the nation's money, don't you? And what about this pork barrel stimulus package Congress is considering? Insanity!

Since the government and our CEO's are acting like spoiled toddlers, don't you wish we could give them a good spanking and send them to their rooms? They're only concerned about their own bank accounts and re-election. I say fire them all!!!

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