Saturday, January 24, 2009


One of Don's part-time jobs is ending, while another has begun. They temporarily overlapped in a way that meant I had to parent solo for over a twenty-four hour period, both last Saturday and today. Last Saturday I was beside myself with stress and angst, as the post from that day reflected (The Everyday Kind of Saving). This time I've kept it together pretty well.

Although she doesn't normally sleep well during the day and evening, Anna Grace did take a lengthy nap last night, allowing me to do our taxes through free e-file. As I went through the interview-style program, I thanked God that I could skip through the complicated questions dealing with divorce and custody circumstances. I understood completely that we're an intact family only due to the grace of God. He deserves all the glory and our sincere gratitude.

We are imperfect parents, doing an imperfect job, hoping for miraculous results. If they are materialized, it will mainly be due to our remaining an intact family, through God's grace. Things are crazy busy right now, and Mommy and Daddy are exhausted, overworked, and at each other's throats more often than not. I'm sure the "Why in the world did I marry him (her)!?" question has occurred to both of us more times than we'd want to admit in recent days.

This too shall pass. Anna Grace will be taking regular naps soon enough. Things will settle down; we'll both be able to take a deep breath. And we'll remember anew what we saw in one another, ten years back. In the meantime, glory be to the Father. It is because of Him that no matter what happens, this family will stay intact. The Lord is the perfect partner we all desire and need. Because he's perfect, our spouse doesn't have to be.

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