Thursday, January 15, 2009

Single Digits

We have so much snow right now in Ohio! Single digit highs are expected for the next few days, at least. I went on a short freeway drive this morning and counted nine abandoned cars in the ditch between the north and southbound sides. Apparently they hit black ice last night and lost control. Very scary. It seems like most of my blogging buddies live in snow climates as well. Be careful out there. I had to remind myself not to take my hands off the steering wheel to try to locate my sunglasses or cell phone while driving. It was deceptively gorgeous this morning, with full sun and a breathtakingly beautiful blue sky. Now, four hours later, there's full cloud cover and it's snowing.

The local school district called an inclement weather day, which works well for us because Daniel is ill today and not much into his studies. It appears that every time we go to church, one of the older kids is going to bring home a virus. Lovely, this cold and flu season is, yes? Even washing their hands before leaving the building doesn't make a difference. What's a tired mother to do?

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Margie said...


We had a cold weather day here as well, with wind chill temps into the -30-50 degree range, which I am hoping to blog about later today. These are the days I wish I was homeschooling because we would be able to carry on as normal. On another note, when we moved to this area just over two years ago we had some very rough winters as far as sickness. This year has been much better for us as I am guessing my children have been exposed to the majority of the bugs that are getting passed around the schools these days. I will pray that wellness comes to your family as well. Hugs to you, Margie