Thursday, January 15, 2009

Humbling Thought?

Anna Grace gained two pounds and 2.5 inches her first month. It's been amazing to see the change. Daniel's assessment of her looks at first? "She looks like a weasel!" Timothy would just study her closely, laugh, and say she looked weird. Now they can't believe how cute she is.

I can't believe how blessed I am! She's just perfect. I've come a long way as well, in the looks department. LOL After many days of the unpleasant night sweats, all that's left of my forty pound weight gain is eleven pounds of maternal fat. I'll need it in the next eleven weeks. It's tough to have the time to get enough to eat the first few months post-partum. God apparently designed our bodies to put on that fat for the production of breastmilk. I'm glad for it, even though I've been wearing the same three outfits since delivering Anna. Yuck! Nothing else fits!

I try to put effort into my appearance, as much as possible. Last Sunday a comment a woman from church made really put that into perspective. After admiring the baby, she said, "I didn't even know you were pregnant!" Mind you, I went from 110 pounds to 150 pounds! That just goes to show the extent to which people are focused inwardly, rather than outwardly. We obsess about different aspects of our appearance, put the truth is - nobody notices! Humbling thought? Or maybe just a comforting thought? I don't know.

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