Saturday, January 10, 2009

Counting Some Blessings

The church children's director called yesterday to tell us about a few new Sunday night offerings. Too many families were unable to go to Bible Studies because of scheduling conflicts during the week. So the church, in a brilliant move, will now offer a Men's and a Women's Bible Study on Sundays at 5:30 pm. In addition, a homeschoolers art teacher has offered to teach the children some art lessons while their parents attend Bible Study. Childcare is offered for younger children as well, but we will try to either have my dad and his wife babysit our girls, or we will take turns attending the Studies. We definitely don't need to add another opportunity for Emily to bring home cold viruses to Anna and the rest of us. Poor Anna is being driven nuts by her stuffy nose. Breaks my heart!

Anyway, I am just so happy and feel so blessed. I have been praying for Christian friends or connections, and this Ladies Bible Study is an answer. It will boost my devotional time as well. Homework is included, with built-in accountability! And we certainly did need a homeschooling art boost. As a teacher, I am very strong in the Language Arts, but weak in the arts. What a wonderful blessing for the boys! Thank you, Lord!

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