Sunday, December 7, 2008


No strong contraction action yet. I don't like the blood pressure numbers; they haven't seemed to respond to the slight increase in blood pressure medicine. I am hoping he orders an induction tomorrow (Mon.), but he will probably wait until Wednesday, when he is on call for deliveries.

I feel much better about the church Christmas sponsorship thing. With my shameful pride and ego out of the way, I now see it as the answer to a prayer of mine. Since we have so few Christian relatives (basically just my dad's sister, Erma), I have prayed for God to bring "surrogate" people into our children's lives to help support and encourage their spiritual growth. This church family, with its loving and enthusiastic children's workers, is an answer to that prayer. They want to sponsor the children just to show their love for them. It isn't about Don or me at all, or about pity, or about any observations that were made, etc. Just about love. About God's love and provision, and about his faithfulness in responding to our prayers.

I feel so happy and blessed, despite the fact that Daniel threw up this morning at 6 am. LOL

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Evenspor said...

I am glad you were able to find peace with it. Sometimes it is easier to serve others than it is to accept service for ourselves.