Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Relationship with PlayDoh

My Relationship With PlayDoh (Because I have nothing to say tonight.)


Gotta love it

Spending $1.00 on 4 cans of PlayDoh ensures that you can put away $200 worth of groceries while your kids (even your toddler!) stay amused and engaged for forty minutes. Now that's a bargain!

You can even eat a handful of the chocolate chips you just bought. Your kids will be so engaged, they won't notice (or smell them on your breath). That means you don't have to worry about chocolate chips melting in unsuspecting places, because your kids caught you with them and you had to give them some.

Over the next week (or however long it takes before the PlayDoh gets left out and dries up), your kids will astound you with their creativity. The Playdoh will become the backdrop of countless make-believe scenarios. You will tell yourself, over and over, with motherly pride, that it truly is the best toy imaginable.


Gotta hate it

Over the next week, you will be pulling it off your kids' socks, shoes, and your carpet. You will pull hardened pieces of it from Bob the Builder vehicles, matchbox cars, and other various transportation toys.

You will lecture, repeatedly, about how it ruins carpet and therefore MUST. STAY. ON. THE. TABLE!

You will be sweeping and/or vacuuming it daily, sometimes more than twice.

But the next time you go for a truckload of groceries, YOU WILL BUY IT AGAIN. Yes, you're a sucker that way. Because you live a life that requires minute-to-minute survival. Each moment has enough trouble of its own. Forget about future moments. Putting groceries away in peace is worth it. Going to the bathroom in peace is worth it. Having five minutes to check your e-mail is worth it.

PlayDoh - Gotta love it

Okay. I know this is so lame. But truthfully, I just have nothing to say tonight, except that I swept up PlayDoh three times today.

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Evenspor said...

Stop being so mean to yourself! This is great.

I am always impressed at the beautiful and grateful lens you look at the world through.