Monday, September 29, 2008


I used to be such a worrier, before Christ entered my life back in 1997. That tendency really robbed me of a lot of joy. No, the worrying didn't stop overnight. But now, eleven years later, I am amazed at my victory over worry.

For example, the president said last week that the economy would plunge if some bailout plan wasn't passed. Well....maybe. But it was okay, from my perspective. Let it plunge. I'm covered in grace.

I accidentally get pregnant at the age of 42. Pretty risky. While there were some early jitters leftover from past miscarriages, I'm over that. Now, even the high risk of several different chromosomal abnormalities isn't fazing me. I'm covered in grace.

There are always new reasons I look to the heavens, eyes filled with tears, to express my gratitude, my awe, my love. The realization this past week that I am cured of worrying is just the latest.

Thank you, God. Thank you. I'm in awe of your power, your grace, your faithfulness. I love you.

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fern said...

That is wonderful! For the first time in my life (hooray for Cymbalta!) I am mostly worry-free. It is amazing. It is so different from my normal perspective that I didn't know this existed, before.

I am happy you have conquered this! (And med-free, no less!!!)

It is well with my soul.