Thursday, July 24, 2008

Potty Heaven

We're in potty heaven here! Emily Rose had four successes yesterday, one of which was number 2! And her most loyal cheerleader Daniel! I've had an inkling for a while that he has the gift of teaching, and now I'm sure of it. Every time I put her on the potty, he gets so excited and comes in to stay with her the whole time, cheering her on, playing with her, bringing her toys, and then clapping and doing the happy dance for her when something appears in the bowl.

Emily is as happy as a lark about the whole thing. I bought her some training pants to make the whole thing easier, and she is so proud of her new panties! She shares the affirming words love language with Daniel and myself, so we all get along well in there, with the showering of praises and clapping heard all through the house. A happy scene, an amazing scene. She is still mostly a non-verbal toddler, but by golly, that girl can feed herself a bowl of cheerios with milk, AND poop and pee in the potty.

I bought some milk chocolate yesterday at the store, in celebration! LOL


Mama P said...

Congrats on the potty success. How are you feeling? Will check your prior posts.

As far as my drinking post, I am never destined to be an alcoholic - no worries. This one drink/night just started and will most likely end as quickly as it came. I am so tense and it is relaxing to sit on the couch with a cold bubbly, but of course you're right. Walking is much better. Or prayer or whatever. But man, I see how people get into the routine. It's almost religious with the cold ice, the soda, the smell of the rum... the knowing that I'm going to take it easy.

But no - I'm far too rigid for it. Too much writing and kids to raise to get hooked.

Thanks for your concern!

Fern said...

WHAT?? I am dumbfounded over this. Maybe I should start putting Helena on the potty. No, I am too lazy. But if you keep posting about Emily Rose's success I might get motivated! Congratulations!!!