Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Peeing Equipment

It's awfully hard for Daniel and Timmy to fathom Emily and Mommy not having the same peeing equipment. They are kindhearted souls, most of the time, and it's clear they genuinely feel sorry for us. LOL The other day Daniel was playing ball with Emily.

Daniel: "Oh, no! I accidentally hit her penis with the ball."

Mommy: "Remember what I told you? Emily doesn't have a penis."

Daniel: "Oh. Well, I accidentally hit where her penis should be."

Timmy: "Everybody has to have a penis! How does she pee?"

Daniel: "They have holes in their bottom."

Timmy: "When Emily grows into a boy, then she'll have a penis. Will she grow into a boy when she's big like me?"

Mommy: "Emily is never going to be a boy. She'll always be a girl. God wanted both boys and girls. They are both special.

Timmy: "Oh."

Although he still looked confused, I decided to say no more and let him process this shocking bit of news.

What gets me, people, is how they can keep forgetting! They see Emily being changed all the time. Weird, I tell you. And it's incredible how one day they can seem so smart you think they're ready to take on the world, and the next day you get a glimpse of a huge gap in understanding.

When it happens, it's a beautiful reminder that they aren't growing up as fast as I think. Phew! I always feel relief at this, because in the midst of the chaos they create, my heart is slowly breaking over each shirt they grow out of, over each cute mispronunciation they drop.

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Fern said...

I am laughing out loud over this one!