Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Single Mom For A Week

I'm in a temporary bit of hell. Emily awoke every couple of hours last night. Is she heartsick over the temporary loss of the bulk of her family? Maybe. Is it the four new teeth coming in, slowly and painfully, two of which are molars? Maybe. The reason doesn't really matter. I have no help. I'm exhausted. She's sad and I must be the cheerer upper.

She's napping now and I should be as well. Earlier this morning, she followed me everywhere, while I tried to put the house back in order. Normally, she keeps very busy. But not today. Packing and attending to travel details yesterday left the house in quite the cyclone-style disaster. Most of the groceries purchased yesterday morning still sit on the counter tops, along with all the tidbits we had to take out of the boys' backpacks. We feared they would get tired shoulders and ask Daddy to carry their burdens, as well as his own - a very heavy carry-on plus Timothy's heavy duty carseat.

When will airlines stops the insanity and provide carseats for their half-pint passengers? Every time I see a parent lugging one through an airport, sometimes with a heavy child in the other arm, I can't believe the problem hasn't been remedied. I can vividly remember carrying 22 month-old Timothy in one arm, and his carseat in the other, through the large and long Vegas airport. We were there for a very quick plane change, so time was of the essence in getting to the next gate. Tears were nearly streaming down my face, my burden was so terrific. Don was equally laden with carry-ons as well as Daniel's carseat. We were a sight to behold, especially after getting caught in several long security checks, and missing the connecting plane as a result. Luckily, my dad lived in Vegas at the time, so he put us up for the night, while we waited for the next available flight to Cleveland. While our carry-ons were heavy, we were glad to have their contents, whilst being stranded with two young 'uns.

The sleep nightmare goes on. Emily is crying now, having taken only a ninety-minute nap, as opposed to the usual 2 to 2.5 hour morning nap she usually takes. At least I'm showered. This is my first glimpse of the lives of single parents. Not pretty. I don't recommend it.

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Evenspor said...

I know what that's like. Do you have a friend you can call to take her off your hands for a couple of hours? Good luck. Hope you make it through the week.