Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just You and Me, Babe

My husband's father, 85 years-old, recently fell and broke his hip. Having had hip-replacement surgery, he's due to be released from the hospital this weekend. We haven't seen him in a few years, since he stubbornly refuses to fly or use the bus or train. We keep having babies, making it inconvenient and expensive to visit him. However, my husband will be flying down next week with our boys, who have not seen their grandfather since they were babies. While he's healthy otherwise, we just don't know how much longer he'll live.

Sounds nice? Well, he is the type of man who thinks children should be seen and not heard. My boys? They have, you know, energy. LOTS OF ENERGY! We discipline appropriately and consistently, but that doesn't mean we know how, or believe we should try, to bottle their energy whenever it becomes inconvenient. They will be taking lots of walks with Daddy. Daniel loves catching insects, so it's likely that will keep him engaged outside for quite a while. There isn't a particular thing Timmy does outside, except putter for short times. Although, he really loves wading pools, but I doubt it's that warm yet in Florida. Without his bike, keeping him out of Grandpa's way won't be easy.

Both boys are relatively calm when one-on-one, so I suggested that Don take only one of them, but he doesn't want to take a chance on his father dying earlier than expected. I understand, of course. Aunt Lorrie will be accompanying them, so she can help Don with the boys, if necessary. This is, obviously, what our tax refund is partially for. Thank God we have that!

The worst part is, I WILL MISS THEM TERRIBLY! I've never been without them, except during a short two-day trip they took to their aunt's house last summer, with Daddy.

Emily Rose will stay here with me, since babies don't travel well. What will we do with ourselves? It is never quiet here. lol I'll have to play music constantly, so Rose and me won't feel so lonely.


Mama P said...

One thing you should not do is go back to those CIO and AP boards. You are so sweet to defend me, but honestly, it can be mind draining. I have new posts up that are more positive.

I thank you soooooo much. Let's make a pact though like I've made with Arwen - no more of that crazy thread! I've had so much I could burst.

Now I have 3 articles due for Good Houskeeping and two very sick kids I am tending to. Wish me luck!

and I wish you luck also.

Mama P said...

You don't embarrass me at all. I am just saying it for your sake. I know for me, I was getting kind of sad from all the mean stuff said. I would hate to have you invested in crazies who don't want to hear what anyone else has to say. It is hard to walk away, so I just had to.

But no - you NEVER have to worry about being anybody but your sappy, sweet self. Shit, that's what it's about. Be YOU!

Hey, call me tomorrow if you want to talk tics.

Evenspor said...

Hi Pam, Andrea gave me a link to your blog. She and I made the pact not to go back to that topic, because we knew that nothing we said was making a difference anyway. It's so much nicer to get on with better things and not think about it anymore.

I have a new blog about my homeschooling attempts, and I'd like it if you dropped by sometime:


Evenspor said...

Guess what I found! I came across a blog this morning about a family with two boys and a little girl. I don't know if it will have what you were looking for, but here it is:

Mama P said...

Pam - Someone asked about something you mentioned in my Detachment Parenting post called "Love Languages". Do you have a book on that? Is it the Dr. Chapman book? Can you either write me seperate or leave a note on my personal Pass the Zoloft blog with what source you are referring to? She's intrested, not an attacker! LOL.

Happy days to you all!

Mean Mommy said...

Your family and mine are completely parallel. I have 2 boys, 6 and 4 (in March) and a baby girl 15 months, so I'm sure we have a lot we could relate about--especially the boys' energy levels. They wear. me. out. I would LOVE a few boy-free days! (Not that a 15 month old isn't trying too!...) But, as you say, I'd miss them like crazy while I was enjoying the relative peace and quiet.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for you nice comment. I do write for BabyCenter on the Momformation blog. :)