Monday, February 18, 2008

A Handful of Sweetness

My Rose, my sweet Emily Rose, has become quite the handful. She turned fourteen-months-old on Valentine's Day. When I change her diaper I have to first be resourceful in finding an object that will hold her attention during the dreaded staying-still part. Board books have been working lately, which is a God send; I was really running out of interesting trinkets. Desitin, something I hate more than any other product on this earth, is so horribly messy that keeping her from doing contortions is a must. We ruined a nice comforter with it when Timmy was a baby, despite having it well covered.

Then there are the cupboards and drawers she loves to open, looking for items she can experiment with briefly, then distribute around the house. We could put locks on every single one, but you know how that can drive one insane? I have enough driving me insane! lol Unlatching my cupboards a hundred times a day might send me over the edge. The one with cleaning supplies, of course, is locked. So far, she can't figure out how to open it.

My little Rose is still so sweet natured though. Her hugs, during which she puts her arms around us and squeezes hard, then pats and making a soothing hum, are so nurturing, so live-giving. I can't quite describe it. My husband and I marvel at her sensitivity and her innate ability to nurture.

We could have so easily NOT had another child. We hadn't planned another, as we both thought we were too old. THANK YOU, GOD! I've never been so deep-down grateful, or in awe, of any other blessing in my life, other than the Lord's saving grace. Rose is one of the blessings you keep pinching yourself over, to assure yourself it's all really happening. It was the same with each of my children, in turn, but this time I'm even more in awe. We had three boys (one I miscarried) before having Emily. We really thought we only produced boys. :)

I know all too well that hard times are coming. Getting into cupboards is nothing. Sweet or not, she is already starting to test in small ways, like running away with giggle and glee when she's got something she knows she can't have, like a tissue or some paper. It all inevitably still goes in her mouth.

I am savoring this time with her, before the real discipline nightmare - 3 years-old - is upon me. I'll start praying for strength now.


Mama P said...

She sounds darling. And the 3's aren't as bad as everyone says. Consistency is the key - whatever that form of consistency is for you. Let us know how it goes... And thank you for your constant support. Hope I can do the same for you.

Mean Mommy said...

I just commented on your latest post, but I had to comment again here.

You speak my language. I could have written that post! My 15 month old little girl just learned out to open the swinging baby gate that is supposed to keep her out of harm's way. And the giggling and running away with something she shouldn't have? Every single day.

AND she was our "bonus baby," as I put it. We were literally a day away from making an appointment for my husband's vasectomy when I found out I was pregnant. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Too funny how much we have in common!