Sunday, February 10, 2008


My computer skills are so lame. I want to dress up this blog, but I've been sitting here forty-five minutes and only accomplished adding a header photo and changing my colors. There is so much more to learn, and so little time. Constantly, I have to reevaluate priorities. Right now I need to go spend time with my husband. So this will stay as is.

We will be able to get a digital camera with our tax refund, so hopefully our mugs will appear soon. Although, I don't know how to use a digital camera either! lol We'll see how that process goes. Electronics aren't my strong suit either. I was born in the wrong century, for sure.

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kristina said...

Hi Pam,

Thanks for publishing your blog link in the comments section of BabyCenter's Momformation blogs. I've enjoyed reading your blog as much as I enjoy reading your comments on Momformation. Nice to have you as a bloggy friend.

Kristina (from Momformation)