Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Counting of Blessings - Sunday

- I have a little girl, Emily Rose, who wakes up every day looking for her Momma.  When she finds me, she flashes me her sleepy smile, and says,  "Hi, Mommy.  I luv you", in her still-sleepy voice.  And after I've taken her in my arms and cherished the moment, she says "Fank you, Mommy."

- I've been given the opportunity to make Christmas about something other than spending money, wrapping presents, and rushing around town fighting crowds.  If we had the money to shop, we would--for what parent does not want to grant at least some of their children's Christmas wishes, or give nice things to relatives?  The pressure to shop is pervasive and powerful in our culture, and it takes up all of our extra time.  But when children grow up, the memories of laboring with love together at Christmas (on bundles of cookies to give away, on stringing popcorn, on helping the needy) will mean far more than a tree crowded with presents.  So thank you, God, for forcing me to make it about togetherness and working toward the goal of blessing others.

- Thank you for four happy, healthy, active children, who force me to lean on you all the day long.  I would surely lean on myself, and stumble more with pride, if daily life with them weren't so challenging.

- Thank you for the blessing of online friends, for whom I can pray.  It's a privilege to share their burdens, and for them to share mine.  For surely, if we only had phones, I would rarely connect with anyone in this season of life.

- Thank you for a husband who loves me unconditionally, who never pressures me, who forgives instantly and keeps no record of wrongs.

- Thank you for a low house payment, and a big yard.

- Thank you for the freedom to write about you, teach about you, and worship you, without fear.

- Thank you that since the job loss in March, we've not had a single delinquent house payment.

- Thank you for Don's school grant, and for the opportunity to work with his head, after so many years of working with his hands.  There are blessings to both, but his heart has desired this for a very long time.  Thank you for forcing him to put fears aside, so he could take the next step.

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