Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Angel

It has been at least eight months since I've gone for a haircut.  We can't technically afford it, but when the math ceases to work out and you rely on God for every single morsel, you honestly begin to believe he'll provide.

For instance, we can't afford a whole month of food either, and yet so far we've not gone hungry.  Our van, our only vehicle, is twelve years old and has 156,000 miles on it. Buying a new, used van isn't an option, nor is repairing the one we've got, should it break down.  I've worried about this over the past year, but now I've come to assume that God has a plan for our transportation needs.  He knows Don can't work or get to school without a vehicle, and that we can't get to church without one.  He knows our needs, before we pray about them.

Back to my hair.  Assessing it this morning, I saw that the last four inches looked very unhealthy.  I wanted to cry at the mess staring back at me.

I told my husband, "I've waited at least eight months.  Do you think I can go get a quick, cheap haircut?"

My husband, whether good or bad, is beyond thinking we have any control over anything, so he just responded, "Sure."

So off I went on a mini retreat to the local Best Cuts, praying for a seasoned stylist, rather than one just out of school.  

I sat for twenty-five minutes waiting for my turn.  Relaxing doesn't begin to describe my experience there.  As Anna's sleep issues worsen by the week, I have less and less time to unwind.  My temper is often short, and I feel like I don't have control over anything.  Or at least, control over the things that make up my agenda.

Today, I'm humbly reminded that

only His agenda matters.

Timothy, now six, was also an awful sleeper, leaving me little time during the day or evenings to accomplish anything.  But, that kid is unquestionably a bit of a genius, so the all-night/day breastmilk diner just might have a purpose.  I'm willing to go through it for another year, just in case.  I think.  Having at least two kids who practically homeschool themselves could benefit me for years--not to mention them.  It just might be part of God's plan for my future sanity.

Anyhow, back to Best Cuts, and my mini retreat.  After watching a very kind stylist cut an elderly gentleman's hair, smiling at him numerous times all the while, I thought, what a very gentle, sweet person she must be.  She seemed to genuinely enjoy serving others.  Not at all like cranky old me, who only wishes in my wildest dreams that I look that kind and gentle, as I serve others.

Finally, the gentleman left, and she cleaned up her area and made a personal-business phone call, prolonging my retreat.  As she did these things, I just kept asking God for help.  Help with my discouragement, help with my depression regarding aging, help with my motley crew of hyperactive children--lovable though they are, and help loving my over-studied, under-slept, extremely stressed out, cranky husband--lovable though he is.

In the next thirty minutes, as she cut my hair, she was like an angel in my midst.  She told me how pretty my hair was (it's not), how healthy it was, and how 43 is not so old (it is).  Can you tell my love language is affirming words?

Her oldest child, nearly 20, ventured out on his own, and is working on buying a house--one street away from her.  She had him when she was 18, and what a wonderful job she did!  You know you've done a good job when they want to live one street away!

I don't know much more of her story.  She has a boyfriend and another son, aged fourteen.  She is 38, and looks like my twin, only younger.

She was a friend to me, for those thirty minutes.  I left encouraged, happier, less burdened, and less alone (somehow).  It doesn't make sense, but that's how I felt.  And when she gave me her card, I saw that she was the store manager.  Thank you, God!  LOL  I got the best!  She gave a great haircut, and she gave me tips on eventually buying a semi-permanent color, over-the-counter, to cover my white hairs.

Thank you God, for the angel of a person you put in my midst.  Thank you for the gift of a haircut.  Thank you for the lift in my spirits.  Thank you for the friend.  Thank you for allowing me the time away to be encouraged, so I can, in turn, encourage my children and my husband.

Thank you for always being there.  For always providing.  Everything.


Terri Tiffany said...

Oh thank you for putting up your comments again! as I was reading this I kept thinking how much I wanted to cry and smile with you! I so understand that need for feeling wonderful for a half hour. I put off my haircuts as long as I can but when I go, it is so wonderful and how wonderful that God sent you an angel to make your day brighter!
BTW--you aren't old. I'm 54 and somedays it feels terrible and I want to be young again!:)

Raisingarrows said...

Oh, that is a beautiful story! I am so happy for you!

Trinity Mommy said...

What a lovely blog post! Thank you for sharing your heart with us.. so often it seems we only share the good things but here you remind me that we are all human and have our own individual struggles. What an amazing friend you would be!