Thursday, October 1, 2009

some help

Today was Daniel's monthly AD/HD appointment at his pediatrician's office.  I brought up the increased anxiety, and the doctor said it was time for Daniel to be seen by a therapist.  I was so relieved!  This is a long time in coming.  This pediatrician in the past several months has had the attitude that while AD/HD rarely travels alone, the related disorders could be diagnosed and treated in later years, when Daniel was mature enough to participate in his own treatment.  While I thought it was true that trying to counsel a seven year old would be hard for a therapist, I also felt that at least it would get us started and would ensure that as parents, we were responding to Daniel's anxiety in an appropriate, supportive manner.  I don't want to coddle him, or be overly dismissive.  I want my son to experience childhood as a time of joy and discovery--not anxiousness.

When I called the clinic to make the appointment, I told the receptionist that it was the pediatrician's opinion that the AD/HD meds were not causing the increased anxiety.  She said we would start with a therapist, but later a psychiatrist could get involved, to evaluate and give a second opinion about the medicinal route we had taken.

I feel very positive and suspect that this whole thing will lead to a thorough psychiatric evaluation.  Don's nephew has bipolar disorder and two other disorders, and on my side of the family there is agoraphobia (fear of crowds and of leaving the house), and other panic disorders.  Certainly, given Daniel's symptoms, a lengthy evaluation is in order.

We'll be seen next Thursday for two hours, and after that the appointments will be one hour each.  I'll keep you posted!