Sunday, August 9, 2009

That awful smell

This morning Anna Grace gave me a strange look during one of her numerous diaper changes. This one was a stinky. I guess we're still not used to that around here. Her face said it all: "What on earth is that awful smell, Momma?! It couldn't have come out of me, surely? Get it away!"

My sentiment exactly. I'm mourning the loss of neutral-smelling breastmilk poops.

And that yeast rash, after nearly 36 hours of treatment, is still not going away--or even looking like it will soon. It IS less raised, but still as red, and the spots seem to be running more together. Is this normal? The Internet says it should clear in about 3 days. Is that only for the Mommas smart enough to recognize it for what it is--and get into the doctor quick like? Did I just let it go too long and create a monster of a rash? We're using a size 4 diaper for now, which is plenty loose. And she is crawling around in just a shirt and diaper--allowing for plenty of air. I'm drying her skin well after rinsing her. Anyone have experience with this?

Thank you for the great tip left on the previous post, Terri! I'm excited about trying that method.

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Liz said...

Pam -- my daughter only had 2 diaper rashes ever. One was a result of some wicked diarrhea and the other was a mystery. But my doctor prescribed "Magic Butt Cream". I kid you not. I had to get it from the pharmacy and they had to mix it up for me. I think it's a mix of three types of creams, including a yeast fighter. Anyway, it worked like a charm. I did a quick google search and found this:

"Magic butt cream is equal parts
-Desitin (the thick original- not the creamy)
-Maylox (or store brand, mint flavor is more 'cooling' on baby's bottom)
-Lotramin AF (you have to make sure it is the anti fungal)

it may be kind of lumpy at first and may separate in between uses- but this stuff is the BEST. If your friend has good Rx coverage, her doc can call it in and the the pharmacy can make it for her- they use all the same ingred, except they use nystantin instead of the lotramin."

It might be worth a try. :-)