Sunday, August 23, 2009

a lull in the action

Dare I say it? I think there is a lull in the action for the first time in awhile. God has answered that prayer.

Anna is sleeping well (no..not through the night yet), eating, and...wait for it...rash free!!!

Emily Rose is sleeping wonderfully at night and taking good naps!

No one else has gotten Anna's virus; we must all have immunity to this one.

Don is doing well in computer-tech school and really enjoys it! Yahoo! He may have found his niche. My dad gave us a 4 yr. old computer that Don can take apart and use as a learning aide.

My brother, who also suffers from ADD, has done wonderfully in the computer field without any degree; he has certifications only. My hunch is that the profession fits well with the handicaps and strengths inherent in the ADHD brain. Most importantly, their hyperfocus ability helps them keep up with sometimes-boring, highly-detailed, perpetually-changing technology. Okay, the sometimes-boring comment is a matter of opinion; computer technology IS boring to me. Just fix the thing, I say. Don't make me sit down and suffer through the specifics.

I do believe things are calm enough for me to begin planning a fall lesson schedule for the boys, as well as a simple one for Emily.

I'll be absent from this space for several days, as I devote my "free" time to planning.

Have a blessed week! Eat your produce, grains and be merry!


Margie said...

Have a great week Miss Pam! I haven't had much chance to leave you a note, but always know that I am thinking of you. Enjoy your lull in the action for as long as it may last.

Sandi said...

My husband is a tech guy.

And I need to plan for school too, just not as motivated this year. It's bee nvery busy with doctor appts and just daily life with behaviors :o)

Happy Planning!