Friday, August 7, 2009

Iron deficiency in older children

Iron deficiency can also be a problem with toddlers and older children, especially those drinking too much milk. Too much milk reduces absorption of iron. Also, diets low in vitamin C put a child at risk. Here is an article with information to help prevent iron deficiency.

Timothy was the same birth weight as Anna (5 pounds, 9 ounces). He was not interested in solids until 9 months, and even then, he loved his breastmilk most of all. He was never tested for anemia, but did possibly have it, given that his birth weight put him at risk, as well as his lack of supplementation. However, that child knew his letters and sounds and numbers to 20 before uttering his first sentence. I didn't teach him--only read books and provided learning videos when he wanted them. Now he can add numbers in his head better and faster than I can, and he reads like a second grader (at 5.5 years old). I AM worried sick about this iron thing, but I keep thinking of Timothy and how he beat the odds. I am praying!

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