Wednesday, August 12, 2009

friendly advice

Once again I find myself getting valuable information from the Internet, rather than from my pediatrician, who is nevertheless nice and almost always nonjudgmental and unassuming. I've had condescending doctors and they definitely aren't for me. When I'm done nursing most of my disagreements with this doctor will have passed away. In the meantime, I'll research new doctors.

Yeast is the research subject for today. A call into the doctor's office yesterday revealed that the expected cure doesn't come from anti-fungal creams (for diaper rash) until 2-4 weeks. I was told once again to be sure and let baby go without a diaper on, even if it's just in the crib during naps.

I didn't say so, but that appalled me even more this time, because yeast is contagious and can spread. She will reach down there and scratch, followed by putting her hands in her mouth because her gums hurt mightily--leading possibly to thrush. Thrush is a horrible thing to get rid of in the nursing couple. It can invade Momma's milk ducts and lead to excruciating, deep shooting pain between nursings. Baby feels pain as well when she nurses. Many nursing couples have to quit nursing due to the difficulty involved in completely getting rid of the infection. I've only read about this but have never experienced it, thank God.

Anna gave me a nipple blister due to her shallow latch caused by teething pain. No tooth yet--anywhere! I'm desperately pursuing her so she'll keep up with milk production. And I'm putting every effort into getting rid of the diaper rash and keeping her hands away from the area. Having open-skin cuts or blisters make it far more likely that yeast will invade, so I'm being diligent about keeping any yeast away from my nipples (as well as from her mouth). Oh, how I don't want a run in with thrush!

Here are some great tips I found online, which you or a friend might need someday. It is working wonders with Anna's rash--I think it should be gone in a few more days.

-Rinse baby with equal parts water and vinegar at each diaper change. Yeast don't like the acid in vinegar.

-Apply anti-fungal cream nearly every diaper change, rather than just twice a day as instructed. Yeast grow back in 90 minutes, so twice a day isn't enough.

-Wash all linens in hot water and put vinegar into the wash. Just hot water and soap probably aren't enough to kill the yeast.

-Rinse bathmats with bleach or with vinegar, to prevent spreading.

-Cut down on any sugar in the older baby's diet (yeast like sugar-laden diets).

For more information on all things breastfeeding related, I like this Canadian doctor's advice (Dr. Jack Newman), found here.


Liz said...

Hey Pam -- have you ever tried cocount oil?

See this link:

Sandi said...

I had thrush with my oldest child and she had it in her mouth. Aviod it like the plague. It is SO painful and hard to get rid.

My IRL friend Steph has a natural living blog where I am sure she has some remedies. Searching her archive might be helpful.

I also concur with the site Liz linked to.