Friday, July 17, 2009


Anna didn't sleep through the night last night. But I did exercise self-discipline and go to bed around 11:30 p.m. I awoke with Anna at 7:15 and went to the living room to enjoy her before anyone else woke up.

The boys, very tired from VBS, slept until 8:00. Are they getting to an age where they can finally sleep in? Just maybe.

Emily awoke at 7:30 so I was again up before her, averting any safety problems. She loves the outdoors so much I fear she'll use her dresser to climb out the window in the morning. So far, God is keeping her safe by waking me first. He seems to have this figured out.

After our tenth anniversary lunch date we went to a family birthday party. I asked my aunt to take this photo of us to mark this special day. Anna is wiggling out of my arms as usual. What a blessing to have those memories of rocking my colicky baby for five months. She sure doesn't want to be held much now. Thank the Lord for colic! My honey is much better looking than shown--bad picture.

Timothy at the church picnic.

Daniel and Timothy at cousin Elena's (she's in center with the curls) 10th birthday party. She is my second cousin.

Anna made a friend at the church picnic.

Emily Rose and cousin Danny. Danny is my cousin's daughter's son. Does that make him Emily's third cousin? Not sure how that works. She looks as though she's feeling so in love! LOL

Daniel took this and wanted me to include it. See Anna's tired face? Her second nap is two hours late in the photo. I stay at home most of the time so that she can enjoy good naps, but one has to remind a baby occasionally that there's life outside their house and yard. She slept on a bed at their house for all of twenty minutes. She's picky like the pea-in-the-mattress fairy tale princess.

My little genius!

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