Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just the thing

Something really good happened yesterday. And it was NOT Don's dentist appointment. No, not that dreaded event. Due to a bicycle fall, his front top teeth were crowned when he was a teen and the crowns finally wore out. He lost one of his front teeth last week--necessitating a $1300 partial procedure, for which we've had to obtain a loan. Doing so--especially now--made us both sick to our stomachs. However, job hunting without one's front teeth didn't seem like a viable option. Thank God our credit was good enough to qualify; I guess that's a blessing? Hard to find the blessing in this, really.

And the good thing was NOT the boys' decision to let their fireflies go the other night--all over their bedroom. No, it wasn't that ill-conceived event. Daddy and Daniel are STILL trying to catch the twenty or so fireflies that have taken over our home.

Now for that really good thing. Emily, the boys, and I went on a homeschooling park playdate. The playground equipment was new and simply awesome, so the kids stayed engaged and I was able to connect with some very nice mothers. They are all relatively new to Ohio. Having a baby and being a slave to naps has kept me isolated these seven months. I really needed these connections. We will meet again in two weeks--a. really. good. thing.

Thanks Lord, for knowing what I need, and for providing it in so timely a way. Can I just say:

My God is an awesome God!
He reigns from Heaven above,
With wisdom, power and love,
My God is an awesome God!

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Jess said...

it is amazing how we need fellowship with other moms...and what a blessing a simple conversation at the playground can be! so glad you met up with other moms and have plans to do so again.

the fireflies...oh, what fun. free nightlights! all over! :)

hope don's teeth are fixed. that kind of dentist bill would knock us for a loop as well. he better be smiling good to show off his new pearly whites!!! :)

hope you are doing well and hope the new mom's are just a continuing encouragement and blessing to you. take care, miss pam.