Monday, July 27, 2009

Anna Banana's Antics

Anna Grace is sometimes affectionately called "Anna Banana". As I write Anna Banana is pulling up in her crib, and has now rested her chin on top of the rail. Her big, toothless smile says, "I'm just SO proud of myself! Look how long I can stand! Can you even BELIEVE it!"

She started pulling up in her crib about ten days ago. It was touch and go the first two days, with her frequently getting herself into trouble. We would hear her wailing on the baby monitor, when she was supposed to be napping. It was a distinctive wail, with definite, get-in-here-quick desperation. She had pulled up, but panicked because she couldn't get down. Or she was up, but her feet were too far away from the side, creating a leaning-forward angle that crushed her sweet little nose into the rail.

Today in the living room she pulled up using a laundry basket that was strategically placed to block her way out of the living room. She ended up head first in the basket with her legs up in the air, while trying to reach for a sock. She loves socks!. LOL Daniel laughed as he shouted, "Hurry! Anna fell in the basket!" Again, Anna's desperate cries were enough to let me know I'd better run--not walk--to her rescue.

And earlier today, she was getting a bit fussy while Daniel was reading me this oh-so-fascinating book about bugs--assassin bugs, and other interesting types. (We're still doing school.) It was quite fun if you're seven and you regularly hyperfocus on insects. For mom, though? Not so fun. Hearing about the insides of insects turning to soup as a result of a poisonous bite--to be sucked out by the assailant--IS my idea of fascinating, but NOT my idea of fun. But hey, I can pretend to love just about any book--as long as it fosters a child's love for reading. Whatever strikes his literary fancy!

While he read, I gave Anna a magazine that was still wrapped in the rain-protecting plastic cover. She thought that a fascinating toy, and spent fifteen minutes playing with it--allowing Daniel to finish his book. Successfully, she pulled a small strip of plastic off of it and then played with that for another five minutes. She rubbed it across her face, and was fascinated that it tickled her. She then rubbed it on her arm, and got the same affect. Discovering also that it could be pulled and stretched, she was mesmerized. When you're 7.5 months, nearly EVERYTHING is a toy--as long as Momma is close by to supervise.

I love watching their minds work! Now THAT'S fascinating!

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Jess said...

sounds like all the kids are doing well and growing fast! :) hope you are doing well too. keeping you inp prayer, sweet pam.