Monday, June 1, 2009

Thank you

You Ladies are sweet. Thank you for the prayer.

Did you know the FlyLady has ADHD? It's true. That's why she needed all the five-minute room rescues and hot spot checks! I do see her hyperfocus, creative and spontaneous sides through her e-mails sometimes. I haven't signed up for the e-mail list again. I just need to visit her site regularly for reminders about my hotspots and room rescues, and for motivation. And to teach the children the same thing.

The Managers of Their Homes book, which is a homeschooling-errand-cleaning-scheduling book, is actually much better for my home-teaching situation than FlyLady's total approach, except that it doesn't address the specific problems that occur for ADHD/perfectionist-leaning Moms. What happens to me is that I get behind on decluttering rooms and counters, leading to that nervous feeling that looking at clutter brings. I get busy changing diapers, cleaning up spontaneous messes (spring mud, vomit, wet bedsheets), dealing with a new behavior or child-rearing issue, cleaning up and kissing boos boos, etc. The list goes on. And meanwhile the dryer has to be put on touch-up yet again, because I wasn't available when any of the other buzzers went off. And last but not least, there are the baby naps that are too short, necessitating time in the rocker to finish them, during which nothing gets done at all. Except marveling at the blessing Anna Grace is to me!

I truly believe the reason some women have no desire to stay home is because of the constancy of the messes, and that frustrating feeling of never finishing anything. Some of that probably goes away after the youngest is at least four and completely potty-trained, but in the meantime, it's rough!

But the reason I came in here was to do the online bill paying, so I'll refocus on that now.

Thanks again!


ctdeyo said...

You are completely right, at least in my case. I went back to work part-time because of the constant mess and feeling like I never finished anything. It helped my stress level immensely to get out of the house 10 hours a week to work and feel like I could check something off a list and be validated by another adult. I know that being home with my kids is important, but I feel so much better when I get out for a little while and feel like a productive member of society.

momma's heart said...

Dear Ctdeyo,

I think you made a smart move getting the part-time job! I'm sure it does bring that stress level way down. Just going grocery shopping by myself helps my sanity!