Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michelle Duggar says never get angry

There are some excellent parenting tips--including potty-training wisdom--in this recent Michelle Duggar article (link below). Very encouraging, and somewhat convicting for us less-than-saintly moms, who are still working on counting it all joy while we clean up messes. Especially those days when the spills and messes are occurring every half hour! Like today. When I come in here to put Anna down for her nap, it is usually a twenty to thirty-minute respite from having to wipe up something.

I recently told the kids they were going to use sippy cups for 7 days so Mommy could go on a "vacation". They laughed. My seven days are up, and I'm trying to laugh!

Seriously though, it isn't always spill from drinks. As often, it is spit up. Fairly often, it can be pee or breastmilk-style poo, leaked by a gleefully-happy baby who can't get enough rolling around or all-fours rocking. She only has strength to go a pace or two, then she falls on her face. Intuitively, she seems to understand that she must build muscle. Many days she reminds me of a mini-body builder.

Back to the nature of our messes. Every day now, it is grass or mud from the lawn, even though there is a towel by the back door for wiping feet, as well as a carpet. Michelle Duggar tells me I should NEVER get angry. Of course, she has teenagers to help. Maybe when everyone was seven and under, she was STILL WORKING ON never getting angry.

Anyhow, this is a good article.

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Momma Snail said...

Is it strange that I always inspire to be like Michelle Duggar? Even though she and I live different lives, she is just so convicting! Great post and thanks for the link to the article.