Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Friday

The boys went to a five-hour day camp today at church, and Don helped out with supervision. The program highlights David from the Bible, while teaching children outdoor skills. Don actually had control of the youngest group of kids, which included our boys and three other children. When they arrived home, I asked if everyone had fun. The boys were enthusiastic enough about their day, but here is what my Honey had to say:

Don: "I guess it was fun, but don't think relaxation, Honey! They gave me the youngest group, and I had two kids that made our boys look like angels, if you can believe it!"

I started laughing right then and there. He was only half-amused as he went on to describe the little girl who wouldn't sit anything close to still, and kept playing with the tie from her dress. She was chewing on it or wrapping it around her arm much of the time. Poor Don had to rescue her arm from the too-tight tie that she couldn't manage to unwrap. Then there was a boy about Timmy's age who was five times louder and more impulsive than Daniel. Daniel--thank goodness--behaves fine at church, as does Timothy. Or at least, that is what we are told. They are referred to as "loving, fun, enthusiastic". I think that sounds positive?

Anyhow, when the speaker introduced himself to the kids, the little impulsive guy kept shouting out (good-naturedly) "You're not really David! Who are you really?" The speaker answered him with humor, for at least the first TWO times the little boy asked this same question. lol

The highlight was when Don and his teenage helper had to put up a tent--demonstrating it for their group. Some of the young ones couldn't keep focused, so while they put up the tent, they also had to keep retrieving wandering five-year olds. Sound like your idea of a fun Friday?

Here at home, I had a glorious time with my girls! Emily and I played with dolls while Anna slept, and when Anna joined us, Emily was thrilled to have a "real doll" to hug and kiss, much to Anna's sisterly delight! And Anna slept in her crib FOR AN HOUR AND FORTY-FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT! Can you believe the timeliness of God's provision? I prayed hard, telling God I really needed his intervention TODAY! Her first nap was from 10:00 - 11:45 a.m., and her second nap occurred during Emily's nap, and was an hour in my arms, and another half hour in her crib. Smooth sailing!

Have a wonderful weekend! I plan to spend all my "free time" cleaning up two large flower beds, beautifying our little space here, to the glory of God. Overgrown weeds and untidy flowerbeds always seem like an offense to the Almighty. Even so, it is hard to keep up around here with little ones around. We all helped plant annuals this week, only to have the kids walk through and on some of the newly planted flowers--twice, quite oblivious to what they were doing, I assure you. Gardening with kids--an exercise in patience if there ever was one!

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