Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Child's Garden...Like Parenting? And Photos

The tomatoes are here. At least they are until Emily Rose gets out of our sight and pulls them up. We will also have peppers, radishes, peas, yellow squash (tasty on the grill), pumpkins, and lettuce.

Gardening with children is a humble reminder of what parenting is like. The children don't keep rows straight, they make hills for pumpkins and then accidentally put squash seeds in them, they step on areas already planted, and they over water, or forget to water.

But God, in his abundant grace, produces plants and blooms, and finally, fruit, out of the children's labor. It can only be his grace--for we all know crops fail without proper upkeep. But I can tell you that every year, despite the sloppy techniques, our garden produces--to our surprise--and to the delight of our children.

It is much the same way with our parenting. We stumble everyday, and yet God produces fruit from our labor. That fruit is a child who grows up to love him--to follow him. It can only be God's grace.
Our main man, tending to the garden, and praying that his tomatoes survive our toddler.
The peppers are here, chosen by Timothy, who will never eat them. Mommy and Daddy and Daniel will enjoy them in a chicken fajita dish.
Daniel, sitting and contemplating God's bountiful gifts. Or at least I hope he's contemplating that. lol

Getting into things--my favorite pasttime.

"You're going to rescue me--I hope?"

Can you believe all the fun this toy provides?
For fun..
I like to..
get into things!

My Timothy - "I'm too big for this toy too."
A rare still moment for Emily Rose.
Momma: "Would you like me to read that to you, Rose?"
Rose: "No! My do myself!"
Welcome to my calisthenics class. Here is a thigh exercise I highly recommend.
This will strengthen your glutes.

P.S. Certainly there are no guarantees that our children will grow up to be Christians. But I want to think God brought the comparison to my mind for a reason. He knows I worry too much!

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