Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Molly's Question - What's Your Dinner Style?"

Molly over at the MommyCoddle blog (featured right) asked a great question today - "What is your dinner style?" Her post is entitled "another simple question".

She got some wonderful answers with great tips. Our style is Chaotic with a capital C. Glad to hear that gets better when kids get older. I'm also glad to hear we're not the only family who can't seem to get through dinner without going back to the kitchen a hundred times. Add an ADHD child in the mix, who can't stay seated to save his life, and you've pretty much got stress as a side dish.

Pop over there - she's got a great blog and takes wonderful photos.

1 comment:

molly said...

thanks, pam! and don't worry. it's chaos for us a lot, too. :)