Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Magic Eraser

I've been trying hard to write something everyday. I've learned that small, odd writing jobs don't bring much money into the house. That, coupled with my fear of meeting deadlines while in the midst of caring for a young baby, have kept me from applying with the entry-level websites. Building a writing resume is the first order of business, so I need any work I do to bring a good reference. I have to be ready to devote sufficient time to research and editing, and I need time to take a blogging or technology class somewhere around here. We're a small township outside of Akron, so hopefully, with a large city somewhat close, I can find a worthwhile class when the time is right.

These ideas seem to be supported by the Lord; basically, that now is the time to practice and learn, rather than apply.

Tonight I have little time and not much to say. Don's sister will be arriving from PA tomorrow afternoon, staying through Sunday morning. Tonight must be devoted to cleaning. It's not like we live in a company-ready house. But I'm sure you guessed that.

Daniel usually enjoys my pre-company cleaning mania. Anticipating it and wanting to help, he was annoyed it hadn't started yet. Like, isn't she coming tomorrow? Yeah - but what will I do with Anna Grace, Dear Daniel? Daddy is doing everything else. He can't hold her too.

I'll do what I can, which is mainly dusting and vacuuming, and putting paper clutter into empty diaper boxes, to be put out of sight and sorted later. And I'll clean the bathrooms with Clorox wipes and windex. Not the usual frenzy, but it will have to do. His sister would get lower points than me on housekeeping, so I think I'm pretty safe. She lives alone, with three cats. You thought kids did a number on a house? I'd rather clean up after four kids than even one cat - anyday. Sorry, Stephanie from Canada - hope that doesn't offend. I love ya. I know you're fond of cats.

I'll leave you with details of my new-found love for Magic Erasers. They clean your microwave beautifully, with very little muscle work required. Try them on the inside of your refrigerator, your vinyl siding, kid-dirtied walls (does take an imperceptible bit of paint off), and anything that's hard to clean because of texturing, like the outside of the fridge (ours isn't a smooth finish). I always dreaded cleaning our microwave and fridge, but no more. They're all easy jobs with the Magic Eraser!

I'll leave you on that very commercial-ly note.


Evenspor said...

I love Magic Erasers. Do you know what else works well on the microwave. Put some water in a mug with a couple of drops of dish soap and some vinegar. Microwave it for three mintues. Let it sit for fifteen minutes. Then wipe it out. Everything wipes up very easily.

If you are really interested in taking a writing class, I happen to know of one that just started online with a focus on making money writing, taught by an experienced money making blogger and tv writer: Andrea! I have heard it's a very good class:

She also mentioned something about giving away a free spot sometime in the next week, so keep an eye on her blog for that:

Steph said...

Oh good grief - I'm not offended! I have a very distinct love/hate relationship with my cats. I often think I'd rather clean up after kids, too, although today is a toss-up - quite literally. Boychild has a tummy bug and, apparently, so does one of the cats. Messy messy messy. And yucky. I'm just hoping Boychild doesn't share the germ with the rest of us two-legged folk. Blech.

Have you considered writing ad supplement material for newspapers? Sometimes papers are looking for freelancers willing to do profiles on advertisers. Just a thought.