Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye Adderall

Goodbye, Adderall. This morning after being given a fifteen-minute heads-up about having to make his bed, Daniel went into a horribly ugly fit. Don and I looked at each other ten minutes into it, and we both knew we were done with the amphetamine solution. The only benefit to the drug, in retrospect, was that he got more school work done. But, the school work was done carelessly, involving more errors and sloppiness than we had previously seen. He is losing too much weight and isn't sleeping soundly - both of which might contribute to mood swings.

I just put a call in to the doctor, wondering what else he has up his medically-trained sleeve.

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Liz said...

Hey Pam... I'm sorry to hear the Adderall didn't work out. It didn't for us either. As you described, there was more focus for things like school work, but the side effects were undesirable. We seemed to have way more emotional instability and heavy anxiety. We're still loving the Strattera around here!! :-)

Love the pictures of you and the girls with your tulips! Also, I had to laugh about the egg hunts. I'm all about Santa (St. Nick was real and we continue the tradition in his honor and exchange gifts to celebrate the birth of Christ), love Halloween (but I won't allow any "devilish" costumes) and I've even perpetuated the tooth fairy. But for some reason I could never do the Easter Bunny. Gracie knows that Daddy & Mommy fill her Easter Basket and she scoffs at people who ask her about the Easter Bunny.