Monday, April 20, 2009

Correction on Previous Post

Correction on previous post:

The programs I mentioned are not available through unemployment, but through County Workforce Alliance Agencies (acronym for the Associate Degree program is WIA). It is for people on unemployment, though. A little confusing is the fact that Don learned through another private-citizen contact that you do not want to tell Unemployment Insurance you are going to school. They will take you off unemployment, and force you to get a living-expenses loan. Find a way in which you can attend school while still keeping up with your job-contact requirements, and while still being available for offered work. You do not have to be available 24 hours per day for Unemployment Insurance purposes, however. There can legitimately be a block of time in which you are not available.

Another correction is that online schools are usually not accepted for this program. The school you choose has to have good statistics showing student success rates. The maximum financial assistance amount is $10,000.

I'll share more as we learn more.

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