Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Babies! I love them!

To my dear Daniel, Timothy, Emily and Anna - my babies! No matter how big you get, or how far you move away, I will always remember how I held you close, nursed you, look into your beautiful, trusting eyes. Yes - I knew my responsibility was to help you gain independence, so you could move out someday and let the Lord rule in your own homes. But even so, those precious months - when you wanted nothing more than to be in my arms - those months will always be my favorite. When my whole life revolved around you. Thank you for those months! May you treasure them just as much, when your own babies come! I love you!


Babies. My favorite stage. How I love them, cherish them, delight in them! How happy they make me! Their skin so soft, so supple, so delicious. Their smiles so ready, so delightful. Their smell so enticing.

I love the way they fall asleep slowly at the breast, with the last sucks being teeny tiny fluttery sucks. I love the way they look lovingly up at Momma, right before they succumb to the sleepiness and shut their weary eyes.

Their trusting of Momma - their urgent need for Momma - it softens me right to the core. I want nothing more than to be in communion with them, always there for them.

They don't talk back, complain about chores, or need any discipline. I don't have to calculate any responses, strain my brain for wisdom.

I get to just love, cherish, delight....holding them through morning, noon and night.

Babies. I love them!

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Evenspor said...

Nice. Very poetic. I have never been much of a baby person, but having them has changed that, of course. I am finding right now that anytime I see a picture of a breastfeedng baby or baby-wearing, that's when my hormones kick in and I can't wait for the new baby. I guess I miss both of those things more than I thought.