Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not Expecting Visitors/Speech Therapy

Emily Rose was evaluated today, and once last week, to see if she qualifies for speech services. They had to go through a whole battery of tests. She scored as high as possible on fine and gross motors skills, and on problem solving. That's why, in my view, she needs constant supervision. She's very capable, independent and industrious - meaning, she can't be trusted in any room, except maybe the playroom. She can unscrew caps, open doors, open boxes and such, and she figures out ways to climb up and get into anything.

Her receptive language (what she understands) is excellent; there is quite a discrepancy between her receptive and expressive (what she can say) skills. She qualified by one point, and will attend a toddler school two days a week for 2.5 hours, during which she will learn through play with ten other two-year-old students. A speech teacher is present (along with a classroom teacher) and pulls students for one-one-one work each time.

I am grateful she qualified. She's very social and LOVES the outdoors. After she gets used to being without Mom, she'll have a blast. They get the kids outside quite a bit for playground play (weather permitting). That will be her favorite part, I'm sure.

If she is just a late talker, she will probably test out in a few to several months. If something else is going on, she will stay in services and the school district will take over when she is three. In that case, I would take her to a local school and stay while she worked with a speech teacher. All is free.

She is adding sounds daily and attempting more and more words. There has been a change in just the last month, which leads me to believe she is just a late talker. But we'll see.

I've never forgotten these types of appointments, but because of all that is going on, I forgot they were coming this morning. And, I was in the shower when they arrived. Don had to answer the door, not expecting anyone, of course. Horror, I tell you. Horror. The couch was full of unfolded clothes. I had gotten back from a grocery run around 1 a.m., so I only put away the cold items before finishing some laundry and going to bed. The counters were full of groceries and breakfast things. The dining room had hanging daywear all around, which hadn't been put in closets the day before. All inhabitants were still in their nighttime sweats, with no hair combing having been done. I was never more horrified in my life! I apologized profusely, and they were extremely gracious, but I'm sure I will forever be, in their eyes, a disorganized slob.

The playroom, in which they worked, had just been freshly cleaned before I'd gotten into the shower. The grace of God at work, I'm sure. I forgot they were coming, but He didn't.


Jess said...

oh pam! i had to laugh when i read...'horror, i tell you. horror.' even though i don't know your voice i could hear it! oh, did i cringe for you as i could picture the whole scenario playing out. oh well, the kids' are doing well and are loved - the housework, well, it gets done after the lovin'. :)

Liz said...

So grateful to hear that you're getting the services your dear daugther needs. The daughter of a friend of mine is in a similar type program and is thriving after less than a year.

Pam, I prayed for you and your family early this morning and I am expecting great things ahead for you guys!