Monday, February 23, 2009


This is my second post of the day. A difficult post.

Recently I've been praying about whether we should put Daniel on the ADHD medication. I hadn't felt any confirmation, so last week when his ADHD appointment came up, he happened to be sick and very tired, so I called and rescheduled it for the next week, hoping for a response from the Lord in regards to my prayers. Tomorrow is the rescheduled appointment. Right up until this evening, I still hadn't felt any confirmation that we were taking the right step; I was feeling increasingly nervous about the medication.

Tonight around 6:30 pm, Daniel and Rosey were in the playroom together, and he was carrying her and apparently dropped her. She fell into either a Lego piece, or the fireplace; neither of the kids can tell me exactly where she fell. Well, I went running in there when I heard her crying, and was just sickened and shaken by what I saw. I just couldn't believe that for a second time in a month, she was bleeding profusely from her forehead. How does such a thing happen twice???? I had to call Don to come home from work so we could go to Urgent Care and get her some stitches. We all went together this time, with the exception of Timothy, who got dropped off at Grandpa's.

I was in the room with her, and can honestly say it was the most difficult thing I've ever experienced, with the exception of Daniel and Timothy's circumcisions. To see my baby girl in so much discomfort, and so scared, was horrible. Instead of having my knees give out, I somehow came up with the strength to talk and sing to her throughout. They said she was numb enough not to feel it, but I'm not so sure about that. She appeared to be in great pain to me, but they seemed to think her screaming and crying was mostly due to being strapped down, and to fear. I shall never forget it, but I know she will, quite easily. She already seemed to have gotten over the ordeal by the time we got home at 11:00 pm. She had a piece of the chocolate cake Grandpa gave us, and just seemed as happy as a lovely Lark.

The two gentlemen who took care of her were the most wonderful people. They understood fully the ordeal this was to both her, and to me. So gentle, gracious, kind and helpful they were. Thank you, Lord!

Now, I can truly tell you that we are doing the right thing in having Daniel's ADHD medicated. I was fearful that we were doing it out of a desire to have an easier life. But I feel confirmation now, that for his sake, and for the siblings' sake, we need to keep his impulsiveness in check. Impulsiveness is dangerous. The other symptoms are annoying and potentially harmful, but the impulsiveness is downright dangerous. He acts quickly all the time, without thinking. Some of that is a normal part of childhood, but in his case it goes beyond the normal.

Anyway, when one is genuinely praying for guidance, or for confirmation, the Lord is faithful to provide it - even if it's last minute. I feel such a peace, compared to even hours ago, as I look toward tomorrow's appointment.

Of course I am very unhappy with how the confirmation came about, but the doctor told me there was unlikely to be perceptible scarring for Emily after one year, and if there was, we could seek scar-repair help from the plastic surgery department of their hospital. This Urgent Care is brand new, and is affiliated with Akron Children's Hospital, which has a good reputation. She got three stitches on the inside of the wound, and six on the outside. It was deep.

Needless to say, I'm going to order a pad to go around the fireplace hearth ASAP, so that it's no longer a danger to the kids. We've kept it covered with a thick quilt, but that is apparently not enough. I urge you to cover yours, if you haven't already done so. No use having to go through an ordeal like this.

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Margie said...

Pam, I am so sorry to hear that your Emily Rose had another accident. She will get better quickly. I am sure it is so difficult to decide to medicate Daniel for his ADHD. I will continue to pray for you guys!