Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blessed Days

Anna Grace rested nicely on this pillow during bedtime stories. She was so cooperative that I showed her each page after I read it. She carefully studied the pictures, as though she were actually following the story. Cute. Dare I say that I think she is settling into a napping pattern these past 48 hours? She took three good naps today, awaking every three hours for a feeding, then staying awake for about an hour each time.

Right before bathtime Rosey decided to draw all over herself with a red washable marker. I displayed a stern face, even though I thought it was hilarious. I said, "Rosey! No, no! We only draw on paper." She smiled sheepishly, then reached back and gave herself a spanking. lol Gotta love those two year olds. Fifteen minutes after this childish episode, she's in the tub acting like a big girl, grabbing the soap right away and proceeding to wash her hands and bottom and feet, without any prompting.

It's time to start visiting the thrift stores for Emily and Daniel's Spring & Summer clothing selections. The other two wear hand-me-downs mostly, but I usually manage to find them something special as well. Here are a few things I picked up for Emily yesterday, in addition to a couple pairs of Liz Claiborne jeans for myself. Not bad.

Timmy was quiet in his room the other day for quite awhile. I went in to check on him and found him busy making sentences. I love to listen to kids sounding out words. The miracle of literacy is never lost on me. I know it happens to every child and is expected, but I will always be in awe of the process.

Daniel is such a proud big brother. He takes good care of his sisters. I fully expect him to accompany them on courtship dates someday, whether they like it or not.

I took this picture because I am always amazed at how many different ways my kids use their Little People figures. The Little People products are great.

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Jess said...

giving your own spanking - that is definitely worthy of a laugh! :)too funny.

and isn't God good to give you a reprieve with regards to anna grace? i am rejoicing with you girl! makes all the difference to have a good day (with the promise of more to come) thrown in the midst of some rough ones. praise God :)

and i am thankful for you as well. it is a blessing to know another Christian mom who is home schooling and be able to ask questions and just glean from.