Friday, January 30, 2009

My Feet Firmly Stuck

There are hundreds of things to do in a given day. I often have two opposing images in my mind about the pace of my mommy life. On the one hand, I'm like a hamster on a exercise wheel, continually going and doing. But then, there's that feeling of having my feet stuck in quick sand, as though I'm paralyzed. Everything I wish I could do, like go back through my blog and apply labels to my posts, or organize my closet, or read a book, or fold clothes, or clean sticky windows, simply cannot get done. They're all someday tasks. What's here and now are precious children who need holding and kissing, and who need to be fed and hydrated and bathed and taught. If I dwell on my someday tasks, instead of on my here and now mothering tasks, something precious will be lost to me. Lord, remind me of that. You know the desires of my heart, in regards to my mothering. Keep me focused. Let me not waiver. And thank you for the privilege of holding and kissing them, with my feet firmly stuck.

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