Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday, after the marathon task of getting our four children ready and loaded up for church, we drove in relative peace toward our destination. Half way there the hymn "How Great Thou Art", sung in tweaked, Christian rock-band style, played on the car radio. It's a favorite of ours. What a treat to have the Lord use it to calm us down in the eight minutes it takes to get to church. As we both sung along, my dear husband reached over and held my hand. It was a blessed reminder that no matter how busy and out of touch we are with each other, our mutual love for our Savior will forever bind us.

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Jess said...

glad you got the chance to hold your hubbies hand- i know it is a rare treat with so many little ones :) also thankful the Lord is the glue that keeps us stuck together with our beloveds.

i just wanted to say thanks for the long comment you left with all the homeschool info. was much appreciated. i have enjoyed using sonlight and am so thankful for the teachers guide-really lesson plans. they do offer more than just singapore math now. in their comprehensive grade kits for the lower levels they use horizon. anyhow, thanks again for the reply. and no, i haven't found any other families to connect with in the area who homeschool. i am working on it, though :)