Monday, January 26, 2009

Blessings and Chaos

Four kids in seven years. Whew! It all started with this little guy - Daniel. I can't believe how relaxed I look there.

When your laundry situation is so hopeless that you have to have four baskets to organize the clean, unfolded clothes, you know you've had too many kids too soon.

My budding artists. Emily will stay still longer for painting than for any other activity. It has long been Timothy's favorite art activity also. When I'm pressed for time and low on patience, I offer watercolors. Other times, we use tempura paint or poster paints. Tomorrow, I've promised they can use our new glitter poster paints, courtesy of Walmart's kid's activities aisle.

I found poster-sized, sticky-backed foam letters at Walmart. I had Daniel make a sight-word poster to reference as he writes in his journal. He uses developmental sound spelling for most words, but I want him to spell the sight words correctly. He will also use this chart to look at as he chants and claps out the spelling of the sight words, for auditory practice.

Daniel loves to give Emily piggy-back rides. She adores him, especially when Timmy is out of the room and Daniel only has eyes for her.

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Jess said...

i am glad to see laundry is an issue for other moms too! :) since katie joined the mix it just nevers seems done. i just finish and get it put away and it is time to do it all over again. someday we'll be all caught up, someday...