Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday News

I think I'm nearing or at my first year blogging anniversary! No time to celebrate yet, or even reflect. Anna Grace didn't nurse at all yesterday. Don was back to work, doing a day shift until the school vacation is over. It went fairly well, since Anna took a departure from her hour-long feedings; she finished her two ounces in thirty minutes most of the day. Three weeks old yesterday, she is probably in her first growth spurt.

I may be to blame for this current nursing strike (if that's what it is). Saturday went so well, that when Sunday wasn't as successful, I tried hard each time to get her on, thinking any minute she would latch. As a result, she got too frustrated, and our three-hourish schedule was thrown off. When will I learn? I can't push too hard - it only backfires. I just want this so badly! If by six weeks she isn't doing it, I will really lose heart, but I won't give up.

Anna is a wonderful sleeper. That is something you always hate to discuss or write, because often it changes as soon as you acknowledge it. Similar to when you think one of your kids is really growing up and being so cooperative, only to find that the next day they completely fall apart. But I wanted something positive to report. She would actually sleep through the night, or at least 6 hours, if we weren't in the habit of setting our alarm for feedings. I recall that even relatively good sleepers become somewhat fussy sleepers by six months old, either because of teething or separation anxiety. This may be short lived, but it's nice for now.

She will even sleep on her own during the day, which is something the other kids never did. My milk letdown is forceful, so they may have been fussy because of tummy woes, due to the milk coming out too fast. Our alternative feeding method prevents that, which is the only positive thing I can say about it.

Hope you all have grand New Year's plans! Tell me about them. I can live through your much more exciting lives, if only for a moment!

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