Friday, November 14, 2008

Morning Thoughts

Here is Miss Emily, waiting for her oatmeal. I know there's got to be a way to focus these pictures better. I have to play around with the camera sometime when the kids are asleep.

When I am praying about something, such as whether we should stop having kids, I look first to the Bible, if it addresses the issue. If it doesn't I rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit. How one does that I'm sure varies. After I've prayed about such an issue I look for a series of open doors/closed doors, or red lights/green lights/yellow lights. I recently heard Sarah Palin, another evangelical, say something similar regarding whether she would run for high office in 2012. She responded that she would pray and ask that God not allow her to miss an open door.

When it comes to medical intervention, I think Christians have to be especially careful. We've all heard of the Christian families who have allowed their children to die because they thought taking away asthma medicine or infant formula would be "covered" by God, so to speak. Boy do I grieve when I hear such things. As far as medical intervention for helping fertility or ending it goes, I think we can only pray and then look for direction, while trying not to over-spiritualize everything that happens in the meantime.

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